Single Wall Flue 316 Grade

Suitable for use with wood, gas, oil and multi fuel appliances.

Our single wall connecting flue pipe is manufactured at our premises in Ennis from 1mm 316 grade stainless steel.

It can also be used as a rigid flue liner instead of flexible flue.

Single wall flue may also be used to reline an existing chimney, however it must not be used as an external flue as cold temperatures would generate condensation and affect the draw of the flue.

The flue is available in diameters from 125mm up to 300mm.

The flue is manufactured and conforms to EN 1856 – 2 -2009 and has the following designation T600 – N1 – D – Vm – L50100 – G600.

Fergus Engineering Product Designation EN1856 – 2 T600 N1 D VW L50100 G600.


Flue Lengths300mm300mm300mm300mm300mm300mm300mm300mm
Bonds & Tee15˚15˚15˚15˚15˚15˚15˚15˚
45˚ Tee45˚ Tee45˚ Tee45˚ Tee45˚ Tee45˚ Tee45˚ Tee45˚ Tee
90˚ Tee90˚ Tee90˚ Tee90˚ Tee90˚ Tee90˚ Tee90˚ Tee90˚ Tee

Each pipe and bend has a 50mm socket female end which should be installed upwards.

To connect the pipes the male end drops into the female socket and is sealed with our high temperature Flue Seal (rated to 1000°C).

It is important that all female ends face upwards to ensure condensation cannot escape, this could damage the look of the completed flue.

It is important to ensure that the flue fitted is at least 4 times the diameter of the flue away from combustible material, so if the diameter of the flue pipe is 150mm the flue must be 600mm (150mm x 4) away from any combustible material.

Single wall flue may be used to reline an existing masonry chimney however the chimney should be cleaned first.

To ensure the chimney preforms properly the space between the flue and the masonry chimney should also be back filled.

Safety ware, gloves, protective clothing is recommended when handling flue pipes.

All our flue pipes and bends are labelled and include fitting instructions. The label should be removed before the flue is installed
and the relevant details transferred to the chimney notice plate.

Download the Installation Guide and Safety Information.

Provision must be made to allow regular inspection of the chimney system. We supply parts with access doors to facilitate regular inspection.

Cleaning of the flue is recommended twice a year depending on usage and type of fuel used.

All components with signs of structural deterioration should be replaced to conform with building regulations. Any sign of leakage or smoke staining should be repaired immediately.

It is recommended that a carbon monoxide alarm manufactured to standard BS EN 50291-1:2010 is fitted in every room with an appliance, we only stock the Ei Electronics Alarms which conform to all European regulations.


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Please Note

All our products should be installed by a qualified fitter and in accordance with Heat Producing Appliances Building Regulations Section J and the appliance manufacturer installation instructions.