Flexible flue and chimney liners designed for lining an existing flue or chimney.

TecnoFlex Plus is a twin skin flexible chimney liner designed for gas, oil and multi-fuel, where the maximum flue gas temperature does not exceed 600°C. Diameter range 80 – 300mm.


  • Corrugated outer skin for high crush resistance.
  • Extra smooth inner skin allows for easy drain down of condensates, less opportunity for soot to collect in the joint area and ease of sweeping.
  • Engineered joint design gives extra strength and flexibility.
  • Inner skin remains smooth and protective even after the rigours of installation.
  • Now with Lifetime*Guarantee.

Technical Specification

  • Both inner and outer layers made from corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel.
  • 904L stainless steel is also available as an option.


Tecnoflex Plus is designed for gas, oil and multifuel, where the maximum flue gas temperature does not exceed 600°C. Diameter range 80 – 300mm.

Components & Systems

Tecnoflex Plus is available for all diameters: 80, 100, 125, 155, 180, 200, 230, 250 & 300mm as cut lengths. When ordering state Product Code followed by Diameter. eg. a 9m carton of 180mm Tecnoflex Plus is TPB09180.

Packs containing the cut length with clamp plate and nose cone are also available for 125, 155, 180 & 200mm diameters. When ordering state Product Code followed by Diameter. eg. a 12m pack of 150mm Tecnoflex Plus is TPF12150.

TecnoFlex Plus is the leading twin skin flexible chimney liner designed to work with wood burning and solid fuel stoves.

  • Unique screw fit action
  • A range of 3 terminals
  • Available in 316L and 904L variants
  • Single strip design and joints engineered for greater strength
  • Meter length markers
  • Diameter range 125, 150, 155, 180, 200mm

Traditional & Pot Hanger Options



The Traditional Installation kits are based around the traditional fitting method of clamp and plate at the top of the existing masonry stack.

The Pot Hanger Kit where the flex liner is suspended from an existing chimney pot. The new kits also include the latest TecnoFlex Plus installation instructions as well as the Chimney Notice Plate as required by the new CE norms.

The Flex Tester Kit is specifically designed to help the installer ensure that there are no hidden snags before installing the full length of chimney. The test length is 1.5m long to allow for offsets, and the kit includes a screw fit nose cone at each end, to which a cord can be attached, making it easier to pull up and down the chimney.

Lifetime Guarantee

We are confident in our products and so offer you (the owner) a generous guarantee in relation to the flexible liner system (the System). Provided that you comply with the conditions stated below, we guarantee to you that the System will be free from defects for whichever is the greater of:

  • A period equal to the warranty period of the appliance to which the Liner is first connected; or
  • 20 years.

The conditions of the guarantee are:

  • Correctly sized and installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, current Building Regulations and relevant British and European standards.
  • Maintained correctly by a qualified and competent person and maintenance records kept updated for both appliance and chimney/chimney liner.
  • Used in combination with an appliance burning only approved fuels in accordance with Schiedel Chimney Systems and the appliance manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Register your product within 30 days of installation and provide us with any evidence we reasonably request to prove that your System has been fitted by a HETAS approved installer or if not, has been signed off by a Building Control Inspector prior to use.
  • Familiarise yourself with the User Guide and comply with its provisions in full during the lifetime of your usage of the Liner (including by keeping the required records safe).

Failure to do so will invalidate any guarantee claim.


Flexible Liners / Flue Boxes Brochure

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Flex Liners / Flue Boxes Installation Instructions

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Tecnoflex DOP and Approvals

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We also manufacture standard and offset reducers to customers requirement’s.
All our products are Ce Compliant and conform to section J of building regulations.

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